TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

It uses a fault tolerant search to find information within millions of e-mails and documents — even within images

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

It analyzes large, complex, and even faulty accounting systems

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Data backup and digitization sets up
the basis for further analysis

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

It includes the latest technology and science
as well as decades of our practical experience

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Specially adapted for legal texts and corporate spreadsheets

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Forensic and expert witness data backup

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Search documents, files, PC workstations, e-mails, smartphones, and much more

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Fast help for due diligence processes and internal revisions

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Solvency test and key figure analysis

TOMAREC turns raw data into useful information:

Statistical evidence preservation as well as
fraud detection and prevention for court expert depositions

Detection software — Get the facts even from incredibly large datasets

Find relevant facts where nobody else is looking for them (e.g. in pictures)

Data analysis — Screening of companies, detection of abnormalities

Linking systematic evaluations result in further (meta) findings

Forensic IT services — data backup and more security for legal evidence

Data backup of the server, laptop, cell phone, PC. Digitalization of files. Decryption

Detect evidence informationen

Detect relevant documents and facts in immeasurably large and arbitrary data sets

Our specialized “detective software” tracks down documents, names, dates, and facts. For this purpose, our search engine scans all files, documents, e-mails including attachments, images, PDFs, XLS and PPT files, etc. That way we will find the notorious “needle in a haystack”. We are specialized in legal texts and corporate accounting data.

Big Data - Not just a buzzword, it’s a necessity.

  • Search functions for finding relevant facts
  • Specialized data preparation — even unstructured data can be evaluated
  • E-mail analysis including file attachments
  • Automatic document and image classification
  • Supported by modern AI algorithms
  • Standardized search runs for forensically relevant investigations (e.g. “insolvency”, “appeals”, “fraud”, etc.)
  • Visualization of the results
Detect evidence informationen
Data Mining - Screening of companies

Data mining provides new and additional insights. Thoroughly investigate the company with statistical and qualitative methods.

By using linked and systematic evaluations, TOMAREC gains profound insights into a corporation’s business processes. Previously unknown or suspected events and conditions such as the threat of bankruptcy, cash outflows, embezzlement, fraud, data security violations, and hidden networks (“who knows who”) are all uncovered.

Save valuable time, reduce your costs, and always receive high quality information whenever you need it.

  • Fraud auditing and detection
  • Bribery and corruption audits
  • Asset tracing
  • Internal audits
  • Evaluation of correspondence
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Insolvency analysis
  • Solvency test
  • Cash flow analysis (CFA)
  • Data mining for business controlling
  • Due diligence for M&A and corporate succession
  • Analysis of accounting and financial statements
  • Evaluation of process data
  • Communication analyses
  • Process optimization
  • 3D result representation
Forensic IT-Service

Forensic IT services — comprehensive technical support, individualized processing

Legally sound data acquisition means much more than merely copying data. We use legally sound methods to secure datasets and data carriers. We ensure that the data does not become manipulated and thus legally worthless. Analog data like files or business documents will be scanned and archived professionally. IT systems and servers will be mapped out quickly and securely. Damaged, encrypted, supposedly deleted, and/or destroyed data can often be reconstructed (data recovery).

Thanks to modern cloud technology, data archives and work results are available to authorized users anywhere and at any time.

Legally sound data backup is more than simply copying data. The data must be protected so that it can never be hacked or manipulated.

  • Expert witness Data backup
  • Data transfer from servers, e-mail accounts, PC workstations, laptops, and smartphones
  • Scanning of paper files
  • Digitizing of analog data
  • Map out IT systems and accounts
  • Decryption of encrypted data records
  • Recovery of corrupted data
  • Cloud-based mobile access
  • Certified methods
  • High data protection standards
  • Data storage (archiving)
Forensic IT-Service

TOMAREC offers high performance for data forensics and economic analyses

As a company specialized in “Legal IT”, we offer services optimized for investigating company data, accounting, and document searches. For that reason, our software is specifically designed to handle extensive data sets.

Data gets collected from any source

To do this, we use the powerful Quantum technology, which was specially developed for the examination of large amounts of data sets. It also combines and evaluates all data with unerring objectivity and speed.

We use all data sources available. Paper documents like files and business letters are scanned and digitized. We map out all servers and accounts. The entire data inventory gets searched quickly and comprehensively. Our search and analysis programs’ high performance has its foundation in two areas: proven practical know-how and continuous innovation in development.

Would you like to know how TOMAREC can contribute to your success?
We would be happy to help you.

  • Big data approach
    • Data capturing, documents, photos, attachments, PDFs, etc
    • Evaluation of even biggest or confusing data sets, complicated accounting systems, balance sheets, biggest mail-accounts
  • Forensic analysis
    • Targeted search for evidence relevant to the process
    • Legally sound and plausible methods
    • Internal revision as well as fraud detection and prevention
  • High tech
    • Fast performance thanks to special algorithms and custom hardware
    • Use of our own Quantum technology
  • Full service
    • Processing tailored to your needs
    • Backup, copying of any kind of data, digitalization of paper
    • Flexible cloud for further processing by the customer
High Performance Big Data Analysen

High Performance is in our DNA –
Save time and money

Save valuable time and minimize personnel costs - additionally always get the same high quality of crucial information. Regardless of how often and at what time, when you need an analysis, TOMAREC contributes reliably to your success.

The quantitative / qualitative performance of the Quantum technology used is based on over 100 man-years in development know-how and just as many years of practical experience. High-performance hardware and a high-performance-oriented architecture are firmly anchored in the Quantum platform.

Arthur C. Clark:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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